The Defiant Wrestling roster was made up of those wrestlers were contracted to the company for the events that derived from the Defiant website.

Male RosterEdit

The last active roster of male wrestlers as defined by Defiant Wrestling on their official website.[1]

Ring Name Real Name Notes
Adam Foster Adam Foster Assistant to the assistant GM
Ashley Dunn Ashley Dunn Defiant Tag Team Champion
Carlos Romo
Chris Brookes Christopher Brookes
CJ Banks
Conor Renshaw
David Starr Max Barksy
Drake Howard Drake
Jack Sexsmith
Joe Hendry Joseph Hendry Former Defiant Champion
Joe Nelson
John Klinger John Klinger Ringmaster Champion
Justin Sysum Justin Terry
Kelly Sixx Joshua Alexander Defiant Tag Team Champion
Los Federales Super Santos Jr.
Lucky Kid Metehan Kocabasoglu
Man Like Dereiss
Mark Billington Mark Billington
Mark Haskins Mark Haskins Former Defiant Tag Team Champion
Martin Kirby Martin Kirby Internet champion, former Defiant Champion and former General Manager
Myles Kayman
Nathan Cruz Nathan Irwin
No Fun Dunne Damian Dunne Defiant No Fun Champion.
PAC Benjamin Satterley
Prince Ameen Mohammed Ameen
Rampage Oliver Biney Defiant Champion.
Robbie X Robert Bell
Rory Coyle Former Defiant Champion
Sean Kustom
Simon Miller Simon Miller
Thomas Billington Thomas Billington

Female RosterEdit

The last active roster of female wrestlers as defined by Defiant Wrestling on their official website.[1]

Ring Name Real Name Notes
Kanji Former Defiant Women's Champion
Lana Austin Leann Austin
Laura Di Matteo
Lizzy Styles Defiant Women's Champion
Natalie Sykes

Tag Teams & StablesEdit

Team Name Members in Defiant Notes
Anti-Fun Police No Fun Dunne
Joe Nelson
Los Federales Super Santos Jr.
Defiant Hardcore Champion (No Fun Dunne).
CCK Chris Brookes
Kid Lykos
Lucky Kid
The Dynamic Duo Mark Billington
Thomas Billington
RenBen Benji
Conor Renshaw
The South Coast Connection Ashley Dunn
Kelly Sixx
Defiant Tag Team Champions
Team Whitewolf A-Kid
Carlos Romo
Tuck Shop Jack Sexsmith

Management and productionEdit

Ring Name Notes
Dave Bradshaw Commentator
James R. Kennedy Commentator
Prince Ameen General Manager
Stevie Aaron Ring Announcer


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