No. Match Time Stipulation and Notes
1 Omari def Kurtis Chapman 08:57 First round match in the Ringmaster Tournament.
2 John Klinger def BT Gunn 13:10 Second round match.
3 Nathan Cruz def TK Cooper 14:18 Semi-final match in the Ringmaster Tournament.
4 El Phantasmo def Adam Brooks 11:09 Second round match.
5 David Starr def Omari 15:13 Second round match.
6 Aussie Open (c) (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) def The Filthy Kliq (Kay Lee Ray & Stevie Boy) 16:29 Open challenge for the Defiant Tag Team Championship.
7 Gabriel Kidd def Simon Miller 10:28 #1 contenders match for the
Defiant Championship.
8 John Klinger def El Phantasmo, David Starr and Nathan Cruz 21:07 Four-way elimination finals match.
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