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Simon Miller is an English professional wrestler, journalist and presenter who works WhatCulture. Miller has performed a number of roles in Defiant since its inception as WCPW including commentator, wrestler, manager and was the Assistant General Manager to Prince Ameen.


Miller made his official WhatCulture YouTube debut on February 3, 2016 and since then has become the man responsible for 'Ups and Downs' - where he reviews RAW, SmackDown and PPVs' - as well as the "Why" series. Here, Simon tackles current wrestling issues and presents insight from a logical booking and fan standpoint, as well as playing a devil's advocate type role in order to encourage debate. Miller has also come out with a new series called "how WWE should have booked" which is a reboot from an old series WhatCulture used to do.

Wrestling Career[]

Miller recently began training to become a professional wrestler, citing his lifelong dream to work in the industry. In the first of his vlog episodes, Miller explained how his desire to become a wrestler fueled his motivation to get in shape. Miller currently trains at Al Snow's Wrestling Academy in London.

He made his pro wrestling debut in 2018 at the No Regrets 2018 as the 15th entrant in the No Regrets Rumble, where he eliminated Jack Sexsmith and Drake, before getting eliminated by the already eliminated Drake.

After No regrets, Miller would wrestle in his second match where he teamed with Prince Ameen to defeat Gabriel Kid and Drake, however Miller sustained a head injury (cut on back of head) which left him out of action for a short time which lead to him feuding with Drake who caused it.

Then at Built to destroy, Miller defeated Drake, thereby ending the feud.

Miller has now entered the Defiant Ringmasters tournament and will face Nathan Cruz.

In Wrestling[]

  • Finishing Moves
    • Ups & Downs (Sitout Running Powerslam)



No. Show Date Match Time Result Stipulation and notes
1 No Regrets (2018) 28 Apr 2018 No Regrets Rumble 01:07:40 Loss 30 person rumble match.
2 Road to Destruction 28 May 2018 Simon Miller

 & Prince Ameen v
Gabriel Kidd & Drake

09:51 Win Tag team match.
3 Built To Destroy (2018) 17 Jun 2018 Simon Miller v Drake 03:25 Win Singles match
4 Ringmaster Tournament
(Night One)
16 Jul 2018 Simon Miller v Nathan Cruz 13:18 Loss Ringmaster first round singles match.
5 Ringmaster Tournament
(Night Two)
17 Jul 2018 Simon Miller v Gabriel Kidd 10:28 Loss Singles match.
6 Defiant Loaded #22 27 Apr 2019 Simon Miller

 & Prince Ameen & Adam Foster v
Anti-Fun Police (No Fun Dunne & Drake & Los Federales Super Santos Jr.)

07:04 Win Three-man tag match.
7 No Regrets (2019) 25 May 2019 Simon Miller

 v John Klinger

05:04 Win Singles match.
8 No Regrets (2019) 25 May 2019 No Regrets Rumble (2019) 01:01:30 Loss 30 person rumble match to become #1 contender for the Defiant Championship.
9 Defiant Loaded #28 1 Jun 2019 Simon Miller v Martin Kirby (c) 11:55 Loss Singles match for the Defiant Internet Championship.
10 Built To Destroy (2019) 29 Jun 2019 Simon Miller v Nathan Cruz 15:00 Loss "Ups and Downs" match.