State of Emergency is the fourth iPPV show produced by WCPW. The show featured Drew Galloway, Joey Ryan, Matt Striker, Ricochet, Bobby Fish, Michael Elgin, and other wrestlers as well. The event was on April 1, 2017 and took place in Orlando, Florida, United States.


No. Match Time Stipulation
D Chasyn Rance def CJ O'Doyle Singles match
1 Martin Kirby def BT Gunn 08:59 Singles match
2 Prospect (Alex Gracie & Lucas Archer) def Drake & James R. Kennedy 10:57 Tag Team match
3 Primate def Joey Ryan 08:30 Singles match
4 Joe Hendry def Matt Striker 02:26 Singles match
5 Bobby Fish def David Starr and Michael Elgin 13:28 Triple Threat match
6 Ricochet def El Ligero 13:10 Singles match
7 Drew Galloway (c) def Rampage 13:48 Singles match for the WCPW World Championship
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