Suzie "Glasgow Killer" Kennedy was a member of Whatculture and formerly part of Pacitti Club and B-Generation X. she currently has no alliance. She competed several times over 2016 for the Whatculture Heavyweight championship but was unsuccessful every time. She was also host of a Q&A show called "The Suzaro Section", and she was the manager of the WCPW wrestler Primate. On October 6th in a tweet Suzie revealed that she was leaving Whatculture.

Debut and BX Alliance Edit

Suzie debuted at the Fastlane reaction video after being advertised as the new member of Pacitti Club, joining Jack King and Sam Driver in their battle against Adam Blampied for the WhatCulture Heavyweight Championship. She came up short, but Sam did win the predictions, ending Blampied's reign. During the segment after the pay-per-view, Sam forfeited the title back to Adam, then Suzie low-blowed Jack with a knee. She and Sam then took off their Pacitti Club shirts and revealed that they were a part of Blampied's stable, BX.

Hiatus Edit

Suzie took a break from the channel to focus on her degree and college. She was not there for WhatCultureMania, but she returned in her second video of the Suzaro Section.

Championship Pursuits and Departure Edit

Suzie was only involved in one WhatCulture Heavyweight Championship video, which was the big 6-person video for Money in the Bank pay-per-view. She tied with champion Adam Pacitti, Sam Driver, and Simon Miller. To settle the tie, they competed in a four-way tournament for the vacant belt, but she lost to Pacitti in the semis. On October 6th, she sent out a tweet on Twitter and said that she's leaving WhatCulture. A few days later, she sent a video of her saying goodbye to both Adams, Sam, Simon, and especially Jack.

History in WCPW Edit

Suzie Kennedy debuted her wrestler, Primate on WCPW Loaded Episode 1

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In Wrestling Edit

  • Wrestlers Under Management