True Legacy was a special show produced by WCPW. The name for the special was announced on September 20, 2016 by Adam Blampied. Alberto El Patrón was also announced for the special. The shows aired in November 5 and 12 2016.

Part OneEdit

No. Match Time Stipulation
1 Johnny Moss & Liam Slater def Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) 13:20 Quarter-final of the APTTT
2 El Ligero (c) def Pete Dunne 07:23 Singles match for the WCPW Internet Championship
3 The Strong Style Collective (Travis Banks & Pete Dunne) def El Ligero & Alberto El Patrón 07:49 Quarter-final of the APTTT
4 Team Kennedy (Prospect (Alex Gracie, Lucas Archer & Drake) and Primate) (with James R. Kennedy) def Team Rampage (Rampage, Prince Ameen, Gabriel Kidd and El Desperado)* 10:20 4-on-4 elimination tag team match
5 Joseph Conners (c) def Joe Hendry 13:00 Singles match for the WCPW World Championship

4-on-4 elimination tag team matchEdit

Elimination Wrestler Team Eliminated by Elimination move
1 Prince Ameen Team Rampage Drake Pinned after a big boot from Rampage
2 Gabriel Kidd Team Rampage Archer Pinned after being hit in the head by Gracie
3 Drake Team Kennedy Desparado Pinned with a small package after a low blow
4 El Desparado Team Rampage Gracie Pinned after a Reverse STO/Headlock driver combination with Archer
5 Alex Gracie Team Kennedy Rampage Pinned after an uranage
6 Lucas Archer Team Kennedy Rampage Pinned after an uranage
7 Rampage Team Rampage Primate Passed out in a rear naked choke
Winner(s): Team Kennedy (Primate)

Part TwoEdit

No. Match Time Stipulation
1 Minoru Suzuki def Joe Coffey 10:35 Singles match
2 Martin Kirby def Big Damo 08:35 Singles match
3 Nixon Newell (c) def Kimber Lee 08:48 Street Fight with Melina as special guest referee for the WCPW Women's Championship
4 Kurt Angle def Cody Rhodes by submission 12:22 Singles Match
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