WCPW Loaded #14 started off with GM Adam Pacitti announcing that the show's main event would be Joseph Conners defending the WCPW World Championship against Cody Rhodes and if Conners retained then he would face Joe Hendry for the title at True Legacy, however if Rhodes won he would defend the title at True Legacy against Kurt Angle. There were five matches and they were Lee vs. Roxxy, Kirby vs. Banks, Rampage vs. Primate and Ligero & Desparado vs. Ameen & Gabriel. The main event was a WCPW World Championship match between Conners and Rhodes.

Matches Edit

No. Match Time Stipulation Videos
1 Kimber Lee def Little Miss Roxxy 01:49 Singles Match WCPW Loaded #14.1: Kimber Lee vs. Little Miss Roxxy
2 Martin Kirby def Travis Banks 09:03 Singles Match WCPW Loaded #14.2: Martin Kirby vs. Travis Banks
3 Rampage v Primate ended in a no contest 02:32 Singles match WCPW Loaded #14.3: Rampage vs. Primate
4 El Ligero & El Desperado def Prince Ameen & Gabriel Kidd 11:35 Tag Team Match WCPW Loaded #14.4: El Ligero & El Desparado vs. Ameen & Kidd
5 Joseph Conners (c) def Cody Rhodes 17:29 Singles Match for the WCPW World Championship WCPW Loaded #14.5: Cody Rhodes vs. Joseph Conners (Title Match)
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