WCPW Loaded #15 started off with a video package about why GM Adam Pacitti started WCPW. The first match was Hendry vs. Williams, with Hendry winning, after the match Hendry would challenge Joseph Conners for the WCPW World Championship at Delete WCPW in a Steel Cage match, which Conners would accept. This show also marked the debuts of Paul Robinson and Scott Wainwright aka The Swords of Essex facing off against Moustache Mountain. Also, there was a WCPW Internet Championship match with the champion El Ligero defending against a fan chosen opponent, either Gabriel Kidd, Prince Ameen or Marty Scurll, with the results being Kidd (30%), Ameen (5%) and Scurll (65%) which meant Scurll would get the opportunity. The main event was the second WCPW match between Ospreay and Kirby.

Matches Edit

No. Match Time Stipulation Videos
1 Joe Hendry def Doug Williams 06:04 Singles Match WCPW Loaded #15: Joe Hendry vs. Doug Williams
2 The Swords of Essex (Scott Wainwright & Paul Robinson) def Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) 10:57 Tag Team Match WCPW Loaded #15: Mustache Mountain vs. The Swords of Essex
3 El Ligero (c) def Marty Scurll 09:27 Singles match for the WCPW Internet Championship WCPW Loaded #15: El Ligero vs. Marty Scurll
4 Will Ospreay def Martin Kirby 10:04 Singles Match WCPW Loaded #15: Will Ospreay vs. Martin Kirby II
D The Coffeys (Joe Coffey & Mark Coffey) def Gabriel Kidd & Prince Ameen 07:42 Tag team match. APTT quarter final.
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