WCPW Loaded Episode 18 started off with a match that was supposed to take place at Delete WCPW, but was cancelled due to Patron having travel issues, Mundo vs. El Patrón. After that was a WCPW Women's Championship match with champion Nixon Newell defeating Pacitti Club's Bea Priestley only to be beaten down by Priestly, Scott Wainwright and Paul Robinson and Priestly stealing her title. The next match was a triple threat elimination tag team match between The Coffeys, Prospect and Moustache Mountain and following that match Broken Matt Hardy and Martin Kirby preparing for their main event match against Pacitti Club. The final match is the 2-on-3 handicap match with Kirby and Hardy vs. Pacitti Club and if Kirby/Hardy win, Kirby becomes the new GM of WCPW, but if Pacitti Club win, Kirby will be fired. During the end of the match, Pacitti made the match No Disqualifiaction, which Kirby would then win and after the match, superkick Pacitti

Matches Edit

No. Match Time Stipulation Videos
1 Alberto El Patrón def Johnny Mundo by submission 13:31 Singles match WCPW Loaded #18.1: Alberto El Patrón vs. Johnny Mundo
2 Nixon Newell (c) def Bea Priestley (with Scott Wainwright and Paul Robinson) 02:20 Singles match for the WCPW Women's Championship WCPW Loaded #18.2: Nixon Newell vs. Bea Priestly
3 Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) def The Coffeys (Joe Coffey & Mark Coffey) and Prospect (Lucas Archer & Alex Gracie) 09:44 Elimination Triple Threat tag team match WCPW Loaded #18.3: The Coffeys vs. Mustache Mountain vs. Prospect
4 Broken Matt Hardy & Martin Kirby def Pacitti Club (The Swords of Essex (Scott Wainwright & Paul Robinson) and Bully Ray) (with Adam Pacitti and Bea Priestley) 12:56 No Disqualification 2-on-3 handicap match; Since Hardy/Kirby won, Kirby became the new General Manager of WCPW.
If Pacitti Club won, Kirby would have been fired.
WCPW Loaded #18.4: Broken Matt Hardy and Martin Kirby vs. Pacitti Club

Elimination Triple Threat tag team matchEdit

Elimination Team Eliminated by Elimination move
1 Prospect Mark Coffey Archer was pinned after being hit with Black Coffey by Joe Coffey
2 The Coffeys Tyler Bate Mark was pinned with a bridging German suplex
Winner(s): Moustache Mountain
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