WCPW Loaded Episode 22 started off with a recap of the end of True Destiny, when Joe Hendry thanked Kurt Angle before hitting him with a low blow and then an Angle Slam. Hendry then came out to explain why he attacked Angle and then Alberto El Patron came out, it is then announced that Alberto and Hendry will face each other next week. There is then a promo by Bad Bones. Next is a tag team match between the teams of Drago/El Hijo de Dos Caras and El Ligero/Gabriel Kidd. The next match is between Bad Bones and Rampage and after the match Bones attacked Rampage with a chain and James R. Kennedy came out and shook hands with Bones. Nixon Newell then called out the women's roster specifically Bea Priestley to challenge her for the WCPW Women's Championship. A singles match is next between Travis Banks and Ricochet. Drake comes out but then Prospect (Lucas Archer and Alex Gracie) come out to try and attack Drake because he cost them the chance to win the WCPW Tag Team Championship, however James R. Kennedy comes out to try to lighten the situation and makes a match between Drake and Gracie with the winner getting the ticket to Orlando for State of Emergency. After the match, Archer comes out and attacks Drake, but is stopped by Kennedy and Drake attacks Archer and Gracie before Kennedy makes a promo firing Archer and Gracie. The new WCPW Tag Team Champions, The Swords of Essex (Will Ospreay and Scott Wainwright), come out and cut a promo with Ospreay demanding a WCPW World Championship match, but is interrupted by GM Martin Kirby and Jack the Jobber with Kirby saying that he will not get the title match. The Swords of Essex then attacked Kirby and Jack before being saved by Drew Galloway. A tag team match was then made between the team of Galloway/Kirby and The Swords of Essex. After the match, Galloway attacked The Swords of Essex, specifically Wainwright before being blindsided by Ospreay. Galloway then cuts a promo on Ospreay backstage.

Matches Edit

No. Match Time Stipulation Videos
1 Drago & El Hijo de Dos Caras def El Ligero & Gabriel Kidd (with Prince Ameen) 09:35 Tag team match
2 Rampage def Bad Bones by disqualification 07:48 Singles match
3 Ricochet def Travis Banks 15:34 Singles match
4 Drake (with James R. Kennedy) def Alex Gracie 02:22 Singles match for a ticket to Orlando for State of Emergency
5 The Swords of Essex (Will Ospreay & Scott Wainwright) def Drew Galloway & Martin Kirby 11:39 Tag team match
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