Episode 8 of WCPW Loaded was the first episode after Stacked. This episode featured Joseph Conners' first title defence in an Open Challenge, which was accepted by El Ligero. The Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble was the main event.

Matches Edit

No. Match Time Stipulation Video
1 Joseph Conners (c) def El Ligero 05:27 Singles Match for the WCPW World Championship WCPW Loaded #8: Joseph Conners vs El Ligero (WCPW Title Match)
2 Los Perspectiva* (El Drako & Lucha Archer) (with James R. Kennedy) def Gabriel Kidd & Prince Ameen 09:12 Tag Team Match WCPW Loaded #8: Prince Ameen & Gabriel Kidd vs Los Perspectiva
3 Joe Hendry won, last eliminating Ethan Carter III 36:23 The Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble WCPW Loaded #8: The Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble

*Los Perspectiva is the lucha version of Prospect.

Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble entrances and eliminationsEdit

A new entrant came out approximately every 2 minutes. Entrants could be eliminated by pinfall, submission, knockout or being throw over the top rope and both feet hitting the floor.

Draw Entrant Order Method of Elimination Eliminated by
1 Martin Kirby 2 Over the top rope Banks1
2 El Ligero 8 Over the top rope Carter
3 Travis Banks 1 Over the top rope Kirby
4 Marty Scurll 5 Over the top rope Dunne
5 Drew Galloway 4 Over the top rope Scurll
6 Prince Ameen2 3 Pinfall Coffey
7 Joe Coffey 10 Pinfall Primate
8 Pete Dunne 6 Pinfall Rampage
9 Doug Williams 12 Pinfall Hendry
10 Joe Hendry - N/A Winner
11 Rampage 7 Over the top rope Big Damo3
12 Moose - N/A Unable to compete4
13 Ethan Carter III 13 Over the top rope Hendry
14 Liam Slater 9 Knockout Primate
15 Primate 11 Over the top rope Hendry

1 - Banks was already eliminated. 2 - Gabriel Kidd was forced to forfeit his position by Ameen, so the latter could compete in the Rumble. 3 - Big Damo was not in the match. 4 - Moose was attacked by Big Damo and Los Perspectiva (Lucha Archer and El Drako) before entering the ring.

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