WCPW ReLoaded Episode 4 was a British wrestling show which recap the events of WCPW Loaded Episode 17. The first highlights were that of Rampage vs. Primate in a No Holds Barred match in the second of five matches between the two. Next was Prospect confronting James R. Kennedy about not being at ringside for their matches anymore and after that was the first of two exclusive matches on ReLoaded between El Ligero and Drake. Next were highlights of Nixon Newell's and Bea Priestly's rivalry over the WCPW Women's Championship and later was the highlights from the WCPW World Championship triple threat match between champion Drew Galloway, Joseph Conners and Joe Hendry. Finally, was the second ReLoaded exclusive match between Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy for the WCPW World Championship at a British Championship Wrestling event. The final highlights were that of the rivalry between Martin Kirby and Adam Pacitti and final hype for the 3-on-2 handicap match.

Exclusive matchesEdit

Number Match Stipulation Video
1 El Ligero def Drake/El Drako* Singles match WCPW Reloaded #4 - Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway for WCPW Title
2 Drew Galloway (c) def Broken Matt Hardy Singles match for the WCPW World Championship WCPW Reloaded #4 - Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway for WCPW Title

* - Drake went under the ring and put on a mask and the mask was later taken off by Ligero