WCPW ReLoaded Episode 6 was a British wrestling show which recap the events of KirbyMania, Lights Out and WCPW Loaded Episode 19. The first highlights were from Will Ospreay's return at Lights Out attacking Ricochet and stealing the WCPW World Title belt and Ospreay and Priestley's promo showing off both stolen championships at the beginning of Loaded. Next was Johnny Moss and Liam Slater accepting the championship challenge from The Swords of Essex and the susequent match with the champions retaining. After that it showed Prince Ameen sticking up for Gabriel Kidd against Doug Williams at Loaded Episode 17 which then sets up the ReLoaded exculsive match between Ameen and Williams, which took place before KirbyMania. They next show that Lucas Archer and Alex Gracie do not have tickets to go to Orlando, but Drake and James R. Kennedy do and highlights from Drake's match with Joe Coffey, which he lost and after that there are highlights from Coffey's wins at KirbyMania against Travis Banks and at Lights Out against Doug Williams. After that it showed that Prospect could get a chance to go to Orlando by for every match they win they get 100 pounds, but if they lose they lose 100 pounds towards their tickets. On Loaded, GM Martin Kirby then tasked Joe Hendry in retrieving the belt from Ospreay and if he did he would get a title match with Drew Galloway when Loaded comes to his hometown of Edinburgh. The main event highlights are next with Will Ospreay and Bea Priestley vs. Ricochet and Tessa Blanchard and Hendry retrieving the belt. Following that we were shown the debuting BT Gunn promo and some background on him and also the announcement that he will debut next week against Travis Banks. Speaking of Travis Banks, they then show the highlights from his upset win over Zack Sabre, Jr. at Lights Out and the announcement of a rematch between the two at True Destiny. The final highlights were from Sabre, Jr.'s match against Gabriel Kidd on Loaded.

Exclusive matchesEdit

Number Match Stipulation Video
1 Doug Williams def Prince Ameen by submission Singles match WCPW Reloaded #6 - Loaded Season 3 Debuts